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July 2, 2007

Puppy's BIG weekend, and the naming party

So after her busy day Friday, puppy had an even BIGGER day on Saturday. In the morning she went for a good once over at the vet's office. She was a champion despite a very thorough poking and prodding. It was maybe too thorough, but the vet wanted to be certain. I had forgotten the rash story since the litter took a stroll in the alfalfa...anyway. All was well and puppy recovered instantly from any discomfort.

We then went to the farm for duck and chicken chores. Puppy first said "hi" to a chicken with matching colors...


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The Adventures of (?) Frieda (trying that name on)

Today was a beautiful day. The well mannered little Belgian puppy woke with a long stretch and a yawn. She had no idea what the day beheld. Only that something wonderful must be in store...she was certain because her pack leader had that "wait 'til you see" smile on her face.

After a potty in the yard, things were a bit different than usual...the leader didn't put the leashes on the dogs for the walk through the neighborhood to the play field. She loaded everybody, including Frieda, into the pickup truck. What was a little shocking is that Frieda expected to ride in the front in her crate. Instead she was put in the back...just like the other night...in one of those crates. But this time just Nanny Kylie rode with her. Grandpa Jay Jay rode in the front with the leader.

Frieda cried and barked ferociously, as she often did, to express her displeasure at the confinement. It was quite a spectacle to all the neighbors. What on earth could all that racket be? The loud, crying truck went slowly and gently through the neighborhood, allowing the sound of Frieda's cries penetrate every inch of airspace.

Finally the truck came to a stop. There was some delay before Frieda and the other dogs were released from the truck...Frieda didn't know that her leader had gone to disconnect the electric fence, and bring in the field horses so she could play safely. What a wonderful SURPRISE - Frieda was at the farm where the ducks and chickens were...and her new friend Hannah!

The leader took Frieda over to the barn and sat on some sort of machine with her. It wasn't so unfamiliar to Frieda...for it seemed like a piece of equipment from the farm she came from. She didn't even flinch when the motor started. She wasn't sure about the banging of the hay wagon behind the ATV, but she rode alertly on Leader's lap, like an eager child rides the tractor with a parent. Into the field they went. Such a vast space! And that smell...oh it tastes so...interesting this brown stuff! And soon the play began!

Hannah charged first...


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July 4, 2007

The adventures of Padma, (? trying that name) 4th of July

After a fairly quiet Tuesday, Baby Padma woke to find her human leader NOT rushing off to work. They went for their walk down the block to the play field and once having walked to the other side, greeted a neighbor with a Chocolate Lab named Chip.

Chip had really nice leaders, especially the "mom" one named Linda. Padma played with Chip for about 20 minutes. Nanny Kylie and Grandpa Jay Jay did not approve, and the human leader had to make Kylie lay on her side. It wasn't so bad because then she got tummy rubs. But Kylie kept saying Chip was to big and would play too rough. But he didn't.

Part of the time, he would just lay on the ground and wiggle an inch or two as Padma raced around him. He would pretend he was going to pounce, but didn't. Then he would let Padma chase him. Only once, when he tripped, he almost fell on Padma, and she squealed a little because she was startled. But then everything was okay, so up she bounced and raced after Chip again. Chip's leader brought over a bowl of water, and Padma pretended to fish like a bear, splashing water out of the bowl with her paws and biting the water.

Then Padma, Nanny Kylie, Grandpa Jay Jay and their human leader went home, already tired from the hot day. They had a light breakfast and then loaded up into the truck. Padma had no idea where they were going, but only complained for a moment. She was learning that road trips were fun.

They arrived about an hour later to some place. Padma couldn't see very much, but the truck was parked in the shade and the tail gate opened, so she could see that it was a farm on a very big hillside. There were ponies, some of them babies like her. The leader took Nanny Kylie with her and put Grandpa Jay Jay in the back with Padma. Then she closed the tailgate and left...Grandpa Jay Jay cried and howled like a wolf, with his deep, mournful cry.

He knew, and could see the human leader was having Kylie trek up the very big, five acre hillside to fetch a flock of sheep. Grandpa Jay Jay loved to be near the sheep and help his human, but he just couldn't make it up the hill with his old body. It made him so sad to stay behind in the truck.


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July 24, 2007

Savannah Meets Her Nephew Percie

It was a Tuesday, and what appeared to be a regular sort of day for Savannah. Tracy had to head off to work, and it was a hot day, so Savannah and Nanny Kylie had to stay home in the cool space of the house. But as she was leaving, Tracy turned to Savannah and said "Tonight you're going to meet your nephew Percie for playtime."

Savannah could always tell when Tracy had a surprise for her because she always would give her an excited, happy look. This seemed to happen several times a week. Savannah waited with anticipation...finally Tracy returned from something called "work." She took them for an abbreviated potty walk and then, because it was hot out, let them ride in the front of the truck. Savannah especially liked this because she could put her head in Tracy's lap.

After a 50 minute ride, they arrived at a home in a place Savannah had never seen. At the door were two dogs and a very kind lady named Lilith. Tracy put Nanny Kylie in the back of the truck and then picked up Savannah and carried her into the house.

Savannah immediately fell in love with the furry big grey wolf-like puppy. He was so handsome and ready to do some serious playing. There was also a grown-up dog, Uncle Harry.

Savannah, Percie and Harry

In no time, the two puppies were intertwined in the most violent play they could muster.

Savannah & Percie
Savannah & Percie

Savannah soon had to learn to keep her tail tucked because one Percie Dumbledore kept biting it!

Savannah & Percie

They took turns being the winner...

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July 30, 2007

2 Coyotes, 1 Wolf, and 3 Ladies

Mysterious Inter Species Co-Existence Seen in Dundee

Dundee, OR – Today marked the appearance of a mysterious group of life forms in the little town of Dundee...had it been Dundee Scotland, it might have fit into the lore of mythical creatures roaming the planet, but in the case of Dundee, OR, it made for quite the spectacle. First seen on Maple Street were a grey wolf cub and a rare masked coyote pup playing in a domestic yard....

Savannah & Percie
Savannah & Percie

They seemed to have familiarity with wading pools and the intelligence to cool themselves after rough play...

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