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Puppy's BIG weekend, and the naming party

So after her busy day Friday, puppy had an even BIGGER day on Saturday. In the morning she went for a good once over at the vet's office. She was a champion despite a very thorough poking and prodding. It was maybe too thorough, but the vet wanted to be certain. I had forgotten the rash story since the litter took a stroll in the alfalfa...anyway. All was well and puppy recovered instantly from any discomfort.

We then went to the farm for duck and chicken chores. Puppy first said "hi" to a chicken with matching colors...


Then she was greeted by a filly that knickered to her the way a mare knickers to her own foal...it was quite odd actually. It was hard to stay close for safety and still take a photo...


Then we went into the duck field to change waters. We LOVE water...


(and are willing to jump in the nastiest muck!)
We did also say "hi" to the ducks...plenty of drive there. The ducks ran..


There was also some water biting. This was fun...except maybe not so much when it goes in your ears...


Before leaving, the little princess made sure she could make the chickens move away from the fence with a good sheepdog charge!

We then went off to the USDAA Regional Agility trial (our first ever agility trial) to watch some friends. Puppy was a champion. She greeted DOZENS of people during our walk through the fairgrounds. We headed over to Dave and Joan's car to have a puppy meet and play with their 10 week old Heart. We went in the x-pen and Joan sat down in her chair. Puppy was completely disinterested in Heart. She only wanted to talk to Joan. Heart kept jumping on her back "play with me"


Finally I snapped a photo which seemed like the start to a great play session...


In fact it turned into a real puppy fight. They were serious. I never saw puppies get into it like that. We stopped the sparring match, and they immediately forgot about it and hung out together, but weren't interested in play. There was some mild play between puppy and a juvenile Groen...I think she was 1 year old. She was FASCINATED with the puppies...a future nanny for sure.

So we headed off to our ring-side seat with Auntie Marla. Dozens of people and dogs strolling by, most of them stopping to say hi to the baby. And the steeplechase going on in front of us. Puppy didn't back away from anybody. She was completely in her element it seemed, and often watched with great attention...


When she got bored with just watching the arena, she invented toys...


and continued to play with great focus even during greetings...


At one point, a woman sitting beside me was relaying the story of her old dog's passing. Just as she started to cry, puppy got up and went over to her and put her paws in her lab, completely seeming concerned "are you okay...I'm here". The woman thought this was soooo sweet...well I did too. What a sensitive, strong girl.

After a nice nap in the truck while I ate supper with Marla, we went back to the fairgrounds to deliver Marla and Sage to their car...and what did we behold, but a baby Gordon Setter...exactly the same age as puppy...and Zelda's mom asked if puppy could play with Zelda. Those two played for 30 minutes or more in fine puppy fashion. Zelda outweighed puppy by a couple of pounds, but seemed slightly out witted (but of course I am biased).

You'd think after a day like this, there'd be one tired puppy. But on arrival at home, there was of course much toy play and racing around the den.

Sunday took us to SAR training with Kylie. I thought we'd have a more immediate settling down in the vehicle since I carpooled and could have puppy on my lap instead of in a crate, but no...still took 10-15 minutes. We finally turned on some jazz music. Calmed her a lot...Ray says name her Tempo. Then we stopped for a potty break after a smelly deployment. No potty but a sleeping puppy for the remainder of the drive. And much better on the ride home.

All I got from the SAR day was this picture...


People thought she was cute, but she seemed a bit put off compared to yesterday. With Deb, the training director, she was what Deb branded shy. I said "well she just woke up, and I can assure you she isn't shy." Well she just didn't warm up to Deb. Don't know what to say. Deb even hand-fed her lunch, but she just seemed to not be trusting of Deb. She liked another woman there. Was kissing her face and so I let her stay with that lady when Kylie and I went off into the woods.

After we got home and had a break, we went to the farm for duck chores and a play date with the resident Boxer, an older pup - I think less than a year, maybe 6-8 months. At first I had to hold puppy because Hannah was too rambunxious. Puppy wasn't scared, in fact she gave Hannah what-for. But I didn't want things to get out of hand. Once Hannah settled down, there was wonderful play - Hannah learned to tone it down, and puppy played with everyone...there were all the farm dogs (3 Aussies, 2 Boston Terriers, the Boxer, and my Grandpa Jay Jay) and the puppy. Jay Jay who was snarffy and growly all day was suddenly protective of his baby. She started hiding under his legs in between darting around in circles with Hannah. Whenever anybody would come close to the baby he would growl. He was very concerned for his baby. The play time was great...the Aussies were all gentle and well behaved as always, and the Bostons rather stayed out of it after a good sniffing. Sorry no pictures.

Tomorrow I go to feed the horses there, as I do every Monday. We'll see how it goes. If puppy is afraid of the ATV noise, she'll have to go in a crate while I run hay out to the pasture. If she isn't afraid, then she'll ride on my lap while I got to the pasture. Then she can "help" me drop hay for the horses and feed the ducks and chickens.

Monday night we are supposed to start puppy kindergarten, but I heard a bad report about the class. I emailed the instructor to express my concern and our attendance will be dependent on her reply. If I don't go, then I will contact an agility trainer that was highly recommended for her patience and kindness. She apparently has a puppy foundation class that would be a like substitute for puppy kindergarten. Also Mary Stiles (Groenendaels, Belg-L) recommended someone in Vancouver for handling classes, and suggested I would start that soon. I will play that by ear, but for sure want to have a social setting for a class in foundational exercises.

Haven't done any scent work, and probably need to come up with a name first. There are some GREAT names on the table...just haven't found that one the FEELS like THIS puppy.

The latest name polls in order of popularity (perhaps):

BasqueLaine's Private Eye (call name Wink) - reg name compliments of Sonja, call name compliments of Kelley
additional call names for above: winkie, winsome, winkeriffic....wincy, winsy, whimsy... compliments of Denise Schryver

BasqueLaine's Subject Found (call name Moxy (which she has LOTS of) - Tracy Wessel
additional call names for above: Signal, Finder, Hunter (Kelley)

BasqueLaine's Finders Keepers (call names keeper, keeps, findy, finni) - compliments of Denise Schryver

BasqueLaine's Lost & Found (call name gotcha) - compliments of Denise Schryver

BasqueLaine's Sheep N' Seek (call name Padma) - Tracy Wessel

BasqueLaine's Three Sisters Sleuth (for the three sisters mountains here in OR, Call name Sis...but what happens to "sit"?) - Lynn Foss

Basquelaine's Agent Starling "Star" (call name courtesy of Granny Kim)
Additional call names Clarice or Jody (Kelley and Rick)

BasqueLaine's Honey West (Honey) - Marla Friedler

BasqueLaine's Miss Marple? (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miss_Marple ) Sonja Straub

Basquelaine's Erin Brokovich "Erin" (Call name courtesy of Granny Kim)

BasqueLaine's Agatha Christy (call names gata, risk, risty, riste) - compliments of Denise Schryver

BasqueLaine's Sunday Sleuth (call name Sunny?) - Tracy Wessel

Other call names:
Tara, Panna, Gypsy, Ruby, Jewel, Honey, Grace, Sonja (Belgian)

Well...these are some great names. I love the cleverness of Private Eye/Wink and the strength of Subject Found. She showed a ton of Moxy with other dogs today...she is fearless and will demand play from anybody. Don't know about the shy moment, but I'm not going to give it another thought...she's just showing too much consistency in general so we'll just keep feeding that. I know I need to pick a name...I guess I haven't arrived yet. I put a lot of weight in names, so it's important to me. My other two showed reactions to their names...puppy ain't talkin'. (About that anyway). I guess she'll either let me know, or she just doesn't feel she needs a name to identify her...hey I could name her Chanel, or Coco (as in Chanel).

©2007 Tracy Wessel

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