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2 Coyotes, 1 Wolf, and 3 Ladies

Mysterious Inter Species Co-Existence Seen in Dundee

Dundee, OR – Today marked the appearance of a mysterious group of life forms in the little town of Dundee...had it been Dundee Scotland, it might have fit into the lore of mythical creatures roaming the planet, but in the case of Dundee, OR, it made for quite the spectacle. First seen on Maple Street were a grey wolf cub and a rare masked coyote pup playing in a domestic yard....

Savannah & Percie
Savannah & Percie

They seemed to have familiarity with wading pools and the intelligence to cool themselves after rough play...

Savannah & Percie in Pool

Things took a sordid and grotesque turn after the wolf cub bit off the tail of the coyote pup, who through up her head in agony...

Savannah & Percie in Pool

Okay that was gross, and I just made that up!
The coyote pup seemed to fear for the safety of her tail when being pursued by the grey wolf pup.

Savannah & Percie in Pool
Later the 2 young predators were joined by a second coyote pup...
Savannah & Percie & Honey

And it appeared some domestic dogs and human women were overseeing the peaceful coexistence of the rare pups...

Savannah, Honey, Percie & Harry
Savannah, Percie & Harry
Kylie, Savannah, Honey, Lilith, Percie & Harry

Eventually the odd group headed into town to the Dundee Farmer's Market where they were greeted and socialized with amazed vendors and shoppers. After an hour of entertaining the market goers, the group visited the celtic/folk musician on site and danced a jig to his lively music...

Puppies and Humans dancing

The dancing was followed by lunch at the Dundee Bistro which once again brought proprietors and patrons over to investigate the pups...

Puppies and Humans dining

The pups however, seemed exhausted by their adventures and were in child-like slumber...
There was Percie the wolf cub,

Percie sleeping

Savannah, the coyote pup,

Savannah sleeping

and Honey the other coyote pup.

Honey sleeping

Finally the group headed back to Maple Street, walking down the street like any domestic dog-handler teams.

Walk home

No further information is available about the source or whereabouts of these pups, but some believe they were sent from God and are angels. Investigation is underway, and is being conducted by the Vatican.

Others believe they are just children in canine clothing...

Lilith with Baby Percie

p.s. we hope for more photos of Honey next time!

©2007 Tracy Wessel

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