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The Adventures of (?) Frieda (trying that name on)

Today was a beautiful day. The well mannered little Belgian puppy woke with a long stretch and a yawn. She had no idea what the day beheld. Only that something wonderful must be in store...she was certain because her pack leader had that "wait 'til you see" smile on her face.

After a potty in the yard, things were a bit different than usual...the leader didn't put the leashes on the dogs for the walk through the neighborhood to the play field. She loaded everybody, including Frieda, into the pickup truck. What was a little shocking is that Frieda expected to ride in the front in her crate. Instead she was put in the back...just like the other night...in one of those crates. But this time just Nanny Kylie rode with her. Grandpa Jay Jay rode in the front with the leader.

Frieda cried and barked ferociously, as she often did, to express her displeasure at the confinement. It was quite a spectacle to all the neighbors. What on earth could all that racket be? The loud, crying truck went slowly and gently through the neighborhood, allowing the sound of Frieda's cries penetrate every inch of airspace.

Finally the truck came to a stop. There was some delay before Frieda and the other dogs were released from the truck...Frieda didn't know that her leader had gone to disconnect the electric fence, and bring in the field horses so she could play safely. What a wonderful SURPRISE - Frieda was at the farm where the ducks and chickens were...and her new friend Hannah!

The leader took Frieda over to the barn and sat on some sort of machine with her. It wasn't so unfamiliar to Frieda...for it seemed like a piece of equipment from the farm she came from. She didn't even flinch when the motor started. She wasn't sure about the banging of the hay wagon behind the ATV, but she rode alertly on Leader's lap, like an eager child rides the tractor with a parent. Into the field they went. Such a vast space! And that smell...oh it tastes so...interesting this brown stuff! And soon the play began!

Hannah charged first...


Hannah was much bigger than Frieda. But she was gentle, though a little clumsy. And Frieda had the ferocity of a big, giant wolf. It didn't take long until she had that Hannah on the ground!


When Hannah stood up, Frieda stood higher...


Frieda and Hanna decided to play "you jump first". First the face-off..




That's when the principle came over. Nanny Kylie that is...she said Hannah was playing rough and to knock it off.


Frieda and Hannah just couldn't help themselves. As soon as Nanny Kylie went back to watching for the fence runners next store, they were at it again...


Oh Crap here comes Nanny Kylie again! And this time she meant business!


Finally the leader told Nanny Kylie to "That'll Do," (whatever that means). But then Hannah did start to play a little rough and the leader had to calm everyone down. Everything was fine after that. Frieda got to ride on the ATV back to the yard to feed the rest of the horses. There Kip and Shasta, two of the farm Aussies came to say "hi" to Frieda and the leader. There were chickens there. That excited Frieda. She wanted to run at them because it made the move fast. But she didn't. She just watched like a lady.

Frieda didn't like when her leader went in with the horses and left her behind. She didn't like to be excluded. She noticed the other dogs didn't mind, except for one named Kip. But Frieda didn't care what the other dogs were doing. She wanted to go everywhere with the leader.

Soon the leader had put the ATV back in the barn and loaded it with hay. She then went in to let the horses out. She carried Frieda so she would be safe from the horses. Normally the dogs don't go in the barn with the horses, but since Frieda was so small, she could squeeze in through the gate. She liked the horses. They seemed like big dogs. They seemed cozy and like good leaders.

Then Frieda was put back in the truck in the crate. She didn't mind this time. She was tired and ready for a rest.

When they got back home, the leader put a pink bucket on the porch along with her drink and keys. Some other fun thing must be going on! The leader began to water the plants. Frieda loved water and began to play in the shower made by the hose. Then she became curious about the pink bucket...hmmmm what are these things...She began to take them one by one and play with them in the yard...she didn't know they were eggs from the leaders chickens and ducks.


(okay I tried to get the photo as she was coming down the stairs with the egg, but my camera was too slow)


Pretty soon there were 7 or 8 of these things in the yard.

Later, Frieda had her breakfast and had to go in an xpen so the leader could leave for what seemed like a long time.

But when the leader returned it was so wonderful. All the dogs went in the yard to potty and Frieda ran and jumped into the water bucket that stays in the garden...she put both feet and her face in. It felt so good to her. Her coat was so wooly, like a sheep and the water felt like nectar. She heard the leader say she was bringing a pool home. Frieda couldn't wait!

Then they went for their walk. They walked down the block, Frieda playing with all the leashes, pulling and tugging here and there. There was a man washing his truck. The leader asked him if he would feed the puppy. Why did she always say "the puppy". DIdn't she know Frieda had a NAME?

Then they went through the field and ran off leash, circling back around to where they started. Then they went back in the street and down several blocks to a house with a yard. They rang the doorbell and out came a funny looking dog with a really long back and tiny short legs. He was shorter than Frieda, but old like Grandpa Jay Jay, who incidentally, barely made it there. A nice lady came out of the house with her little girl. Frieda was glad because they both fed her. And she was hungry!

Then they played in the yard for a long time, Frieda, Tippy the Dachshund/Jack Russel dog, and Grandpa Jay Jay. Grandpa made the ball very slimy. And how could he and that other dog just do the same thing over and over when there was so much to explore and such nice people to lick and visit with! There was even an empty flower container in the garden!

Finally it was time to go. Frieda loved going home, as much as she loved going out on adventures. On the way home, another man came out of his garage and fed Frieda. Frieda ate and thanked the man, but she wasn't sad to leave because at home she had a toy box, and she new she could pull all the toys out one by one, just like with the eggs. And tonight she was going to try something different, that she'd dreamed of all day...she was going to run and JUMP into that basket of toys! Then she was going to run and JUMP into the leaders lap! What fun and mischief she could cause!

Finally Frieda had a small meal with the adult dogs, and then she was sent outside to potty before she finally fell asleep on Grandpa Jay Jay's bed. He grumbled a little, but relented in the end.

©2007 Tracy Wessel

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