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June 29, 2007

Meet ?, the Attack Puppy

Well I don't have a name for her yet...but I have a few ideas...suggestions welcome!

So I picked up my little girl at the airport today. The gals at the cargo counter asked me if she was a red fox...hmmm could call her Vixen. She has a "V" shaped tan mark in her mask. They were moving bodies at the cargo bay...bring in the cadaver puppy.

She spent the day with me at work. I went out to the truck about every hour or two to walk her, feed her from my hand (some of my coworkers also fed her) and just reassure her. Took her awhile to pee. She managed to attack some pine cones in the parking lot. I'm thinking, "what a darling Honey Bear."

Got her home and in the crate in the yard (she complained bitterly) while I fetched Grandpa Jay Jay (Okay Chris, Grandpa Edgar) and Nanny Kylie. They weren't overly impressed, though Jay Jay seemed to think she was quite cute. Kylie was not her usual snarffy self. Probably because puppy appeared to have good dog manners and didn't jump in Kylie's face. Kylie is pretty cool with dogs if they stay out of her face. Otherwise they get a snarfing. Puppy actually barked at Kylie for lack of interest and a curled lip. Hmmm... "Vixen".

So off we go for our walk and puppy on my heels...

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