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Meet ?, the Attack Puppy

Well I don't have a name for her yet...but I have a few ideas...suggestions welcome!

So I picked up my little girl at the airport today. The gals at the cargo counter asked me if she was a red fox...hmmm could call her Vixen. She has a "V" shaped tan mark in her mask. They were moving bodies at the cargo bay...bring in the cadaver puppy.

She spent the day with me at work. I went out to the truck about every hour or two to walk her, feed her from my hand (some of my coworkers also fed her) and just reassure her. Took her awhile to pee. She managed to attack some pine cones in the parking lot. I'm thinking, "what a darling Honey Bear."

Got her home and in the crate in the yard (she complained bitterly) while I fetched Grandpa Jay Jay (Okay Chris, Grandpa Edgar) and Nanny Kylie. They weren't overly impressed, though Jay Jay seemed to think she was quite cute. Kylie was not her usual snarffy self. Probably because puppy appeared to have good dog manners and didn't jump in Kylie's face. Kylie is pretty cool with dogs if they stay out of her face. Otherwise they get a snarfing. Puppy actually barked at Kylie for lack of interest and a curled lip. Hmmm... "Vixen".

So off we go for our walk and puppy on my heels...

doesn't seem confident enough yet to walk beside or in front, and that's cool with me for now. She enjoyed the walk and tried to get the dogs to play with her. Kylie wasn't interested - she wanted to smell all the prey spots, cat, gopher, etc. Jay Jay just looked amused. He stayed close to her...always the responsible one that old man. Breaks my heart every time.

Kelley says she liked one of my name choices, Padma (Sanskrit for Lotus), but she pronounced it Pahd-May instead of Pud-Mu, for the character from Star Wars. Both sound nice. That was one of my original choices. The truth be told, I'd like to call her Kali, but it's too close to Kylie.

So in the yard and neighborhood, she was a bit reactive to sound, but there was a lot going, firecrackers (4th of July), the gun club down the road. WIll have to work on that, but maybe it's a product of the day and the new environment. She was otherwise engaged in some big decisions and strategizing...

Should I take the ball from that old guy or not?


Must exercise caution when walking pass bitchy dog...


Must stand for inspection...


Come on, one of you black dogs play with me!


Once inside, she was exploring. I banged the pots and pans when I unloaded the dishwasher. She left the room, but kept watching from behind a chair. She took notice that certain dishes and banking noises (mortar and pestul) brought even the sleeping old dog to the kitchen door...must mean something.

Well I served dinner. I had intended to ONLY feed her by hand for now. But I realized that I have always had happy crate dogs because they often eat in their crates. So I prepared her a bowl of food and decided she will at least get a small meal in a bowl in her crate (along with the Kong stuffed with food) so that she comes to enjoy her crate, which she so far doesn't so much... It was her first homemade meal...she rather liked it. She checked in with me and the other dogs...they were eating it so it must be okay.

Then she went outside and "finally" pooped. (You all wanted to know that didn't you?).

When she came back inside, she was transformed into an attack puppy. What she did to this stuffy was only the beginning. My pajama pants will now look like Chris Libs pajamas. My sweater sleeve (yes it's only in the 60's here) was also fair game....


I kept trying to substitute her new bite toys. I'll have to also try a NOISY plastic bottle. Man she plays rough. I like that. I always like dogs that would play rough. Kylie will wrestle with me. It always amazes me because she'll grab my legs with her legs/paws, but her bite is so gentle. Not puppy. OUCH!

Puppy also watched Dog Whisperer on T.V. I always wanted a dog to watch T.V. with me. Pepper, the foster puppy, God Bless her, she liked Animal Planet and Dog Whisperer too.

I will anticipate some strange behaviors from puppy as well, given the oddities she must now come to know...

(Belgian with Doggles)


(Belgian wiht haircut who chews up tennis balls)


Marla suggests the name Glory, after the name of the author of the Honey West detective novels. She could also of course be Honey, for Honey West.

Other names on the table:
Sonja (Belgian friend of a friend and also a friend of mine!)

Registered names include:
Basquelaine's Sheep N' Seek
Basquelaine's Sunday Slueth
Basquelaine's Subject Found
Basquelaine's Super Slueth
Basquelaine's Timber Slueth
Basquelaine's Precious Ramotswe (lady detective from novel series)
Basquelaine's Agent Starling
Basquelaine's Nancy Drew
Basquelaine's Miss Marple (
Basquelaine's Nothing's Sacred
Basquelaine's Erin Brokovich

Enjoy! Send ideas.

I'll have to start a blog on my site.

©2007 Tracy Wessel

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