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Farewell to Jayanta

On 7/10/2007 at 3:16 PM Tracy Wessel wrote:

It is with both relief and sadness that I write you to ask you to bid
farewell to Jayanta, aka Jay Jay and Edgar. Jay Jay was helped over
to the rainbow bridge today between 1:30-2pm, his body finally
surrendering to age and the complications of renal disease and spinal
degeneration. The truth be told, his body was ready - his legs and
kidneys had failed him. His heart however would not stop. He required
4 200lb doses injected to the heart - Jay Jay, in his heart, did not
ever want to leave my side. He will always be my boy, my guy, and the
most devoted dog I have ever known.

Jay Jay has touched many people with his angelic presence, in many
ways he was a therapy dog. He spent his last days with me and one
last trip to the beach, a visit from friends Dave and Joan, and many
loving pets, scratchies and massages.

He leaves behind a message that old dogs deserve loving arms and a
good death. I hope to memorialize him with a fund at some time, to
assist with the care of aging dogs so that they can be more
adoptable, or can remain in loving homes that lack funds to care for

Jay Jay and I are grateful for all your support and kindness to him
and I over the last four years (rescued in June of 2003).

Farewell for now My Handome Prince. Can't wait to see you again.

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