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Another wonderful BSD at the Rainbow Bridge

It is with puffy eyes and a lump in my throat that I write about the
passing of Jayanta, aka Jay Jay or Edgar owned and adored by Tracy Wessel.

He’s always been “Edgar” to me as he is a large boy and the name Edgar
suggests to me, in a person, a man that would be the head of a
corporation, head of the family, the strong one that keeps everything together.

Edgar came to live in my home with Tracy Wessel several years ago, a
rescue, who’s story is sad. He had been on a farm after being thrown from a
truck. He was full of foxtails, could not hear as the foxtails were filling up
his ears. He was dysplastic as well. Tracy, with her modest income, took this
boy in, loved and adored him and made many sacrifices for herself to keep
him in good health. When Edgar looked at you, he showed so much
appreciation for everything he had. Being an older Belgian, estimated to
be now about 12 ½ years old, he was not a strong candidate to be adopted.
During the past several years, Tracy pooled her resources to save him and
many times I got the call that he would probably be put down, then he
would bounce back. It was very difficult, even though I expected this, to get
the message.

Jayanta, Edgar had “true heart” in it’s fullest sense. I’m sure Tracy, in
all the efforts she has put into keeping him out of pain and enjoying the
life he had, she could never feel she gave as much to him as he gave her.

Edgar was let go Tuesday afternoon up in Portland OR. He had his last
trip to the beach and played ball on Sunday. He loved playing ball. I will
never forget the deep kind eyes of this boy and the true character he was.
This is the character I appreciate in a Belgian.

Edgar celebrated life and with all of his aches and pains and previous
trauma, he held onto life with all he had. He wanted mostly to give his
devotion to Tracy.

Chris Libs, Skydance Ranch
“Beti”,(my beloved first BSD and service dog for my disabled son) at
Rainbow Bridge Feb 10, 2006 will welcome Edgar and since she is probably
running the show up there, will make sure all the angels welcome Edgar.

>>>Note from Tracy
Thank you Chris
I'm feeling pretty off balance right now. He was my anchor and my partner.

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